How to Acquire SaaS Products

How to Acquire SaaS Products

A guide to buying SaaS products for less than $100k and closing deals quickly

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8 years ago, I was creating my first startup. And like most of the things you do for the first time, I did it wrong. I made mistakes after mistakes resulting in business failure.
Something changed in 2020, when I adopted a different mindset. With this new way, I've built, launched and acquired more than 30 products, and sold 2 of them.
Honestly, the journey hasn’t been very straightforward for me but maybe I can make it a bit easier for you. No jargon, no boring stuff — just the real-deal, tips, and tricks to make you the proud owner of a killer SaaS venture.
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Why should you trust me with the advice?
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  • I got 3 products acquired, ranging from $20,000 to a $10m post-earnout acquisition
I know the idea of owning a successful SaaS company is incredibly exciting but to ensure your investment is profitable, you need to have a plan in place and I am here to help you with just that! No Fluff - I will go straight to the point to deliver on the topic: buying SaaS products for less than $100k and closing deals quickly.
Let's make this a reality! 🚀

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to find great SaaS businesses that you can 5x within 6 months of buying
  • 5 questions you should ask yourself before making a purchase
  • What to look for in an existing product to make a reliable bet
  • How to make an offer and close a deal
  • 4 factors to consider while performing due diligence and how to mitigate risks
  • How to draft an airtight contract with clauses you can add to protect your interest
  • A 7-step action plan to achieve desired results after successfully acquiring the product

Why buy a SaaS business?
What kind of businesses to buy and where to find them?
How to do due diligence and make an offer?
How to negotiate and close deals?
Making your purchase profitable within 6 months of buying
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